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The Ford Transit Connect was a perfect choice for us in terms of price point, gas mileage, and space. Hi Mike, here’s a few answers to your questions… Reliability – The Transit Connect gets great gas mileage and does well on roads and highways. That said, the basic function remained unchanged. Perfect for us since we were taking ’em out anyway! How difficult do you think it would be to set rails on the bottom and split the legs in half and offset them on either side of the rail so they can slide? Are you planning to travel for weekend/short trips with minimal supplies/luggage? Hi Caleb, I think that could work. Could you please send me some pics and the build design? Ford Transit Connect Camper. The couch on the left folds down flat when it’s time to go to bed at night which saves space and give you a place to sit during the day. Where did you get the custom futon pad to fit the width? I’ll hopefully be getting my van this week (same one). Do you know if ford offers a second battery for the transit ? I think the height of about 11″ is just tall enough so that we can sit up in bed without hitting our heads. Thanks for the inspo! He used it to travel with his dog. – There are really only two major layouts possible in this small space: 1) a lay flat bed design with storage underneath or 2) a design with a bed on one side and small kitchen setup on the other. Hi Cole, all I did was simply remove the two rows of seats and build the structure on top of it. For our needs, a micro-camper setup was ideal– it gives us adequate sleeping/storage space while still granting us the flexibility to park in any standard spaces. A Ford Transit Connect comes with either a short-wheelbase (104.8 inches) or the long-wheelbase (120.6 inches) version. Now his grandson is helping him sell it because he recently built a house and no longer uses it. This was an extremely valuable step (I got the idea for it, Let us know what you think! The drawers are about two feet deep and are pretty sturdy when pulled out but I have had some issues with the drawer brackets due to the items inside being quite heavy. Je tombe sur votre page !!! ... Connect Kombi L2 7 Seater Overall length 4418 4818 4418 4818 4418 4818 4818 Let me know how it turns out! Véhicules. I’m very curious about this aspect. I did have to do some changes to the original measurements from the sketchup design when I did the actual build. Kate is the lead content creator for and has spent over two years living in a camper van conversion. Living on the road has been a huge challenge and an amazing experience all the same. If you have any other questions as you put it together let me know. Easy, simple, if somewhat inelegant. With final design in-hand, we drove our Ford Transit Connect from Austin to Indiana to complete the conversion there. Our Ford Transit Connect conversion cost us less than $2500, about 30 hours of labor, and a whole lot of planning to get us there. Required fields are marked *. Once we settled on the make and model, it was time to choose between the pre-2013 model (extra height of about 6-8″) or the 2014+ version (shorter but with an option for a long wheelbase LWB). My husband and I are buying this same model this weekend, found a sweet deal on a used 2014 one. Is the transit reliable ? Ford Transit Connect à partir de l’année de construction 2014 LE DISPOSITIF OPTIMAL POUR VOTRE VEHICULE UTILITAIRE DE FORD Nous configurons l’aménagement du véhicule de votre transporteur Volkswagen en fonction de vos besoins ou vous proposons des modules standard attrayants, spécialement adaptés aux exigences de votre syndicat. ! Along the way, we've met with other van lifers, checked out their rigs, and learned a lot about adventure travel. Learn more & download app here. I think I have that file in my archive and I’ll put together an email to you in the next day or two with some details. It’s amazing how far we’ve come and before we ever left town on our digital nomad we had one first, simple goal: we needed to get a van. Have you been able to come up with something workable with the other seats in place? Hi Dave, I no longer have the list unfortunately as the friend that helped me design it lost his original files. The van interior widths are the same 69″. I’m 5’9″ and I have only a couple inches of length left after lying down so I needed to extend it that whole length for sleeping. If you do, send me an email… I’d love to see it so I can fully understand your concept. So don't expect to all of a sudden turn your Bronco II into a W-Fi hotspot. During our campground stays, we’ve observed quite a few RVers having trouble pulling into spots because their vehicles were too large for the site or, in some cases, just too tough to maneuver. Ford Transit Connect Camper. Do you have a drawing of your design? Automobile. Or maybe you are willing to share the sketchup model itself? Hi Jess, I haven’t seen one like that yet with the middle row of seats intact but I do think that could work well. Mattress – The mattress I had custom made to fit the entire area, so we lift the mattress up and fold the headboard below it for storage. Extra Urban : Combined . The build looks simple at first glance, but there are a lot of little details that could be easily missed. Then we built the entire front base section, deviating slightly from our drawings to make the cuts a little simpler. Mine is bare bones right now but I love how maneuverable it is in the city and great on gas! Hi Mike… others here have asked if you would be willing to share your sketchup files; may I also have a copy? Is it possible you have another picture of the google sketchup which shows the measurements for the base? We’ve seen some amazing Ford Transit camper van conversions, but what about a smaller version? This camping van was built with an incredible amount of cleverly placed storage. 22 mai 2017 - Ford Transit Connect campervan. Information correct at time of publication. Locate a Dealer. Working on a budget. If you want added hold you could easily secure it to the hooks used by the seat clamps or the exposed metal near the second-row seat area. Thanks for reviving the dream. I am curious though, how long are your drawers? We are looking at buying at connect to do something close to this. Could that be increased to 18″? Have you come across any build outs that keep the middle row of seats in? We spent over two years living in a DIY camper van and visiting 48 US states. Copyright © | Disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Anyway love your rig! And post any questions about the Ford Transit Connect conversion below and I’d be happy to answer them, How to Travel More For Less By Making It A Priority in Your Life, A Year In Our Camper Van: Lessons Learned After 43 States Traveled. There’s also a custom painted backsplash, dog bowl sink, and slide-out bed with space underneath. Sorry I don’t have more specifics but I’m happy to help where I can. Hope you have great success getting your build put together! – We planned to use a futon mattress for sleeping cut to fit the space and have a headboard that included storage and electrical hookups. This was an extremely valuable step (I got the idea for it here) as having the cardboard inside to see how it would feel in-person led to numerous tweaks and a much stronger final design. The new 2020 Ford Escape is a change-up . We used a piano hinge for the main bend (it is under the wood in the picture below so it can bend upwards) and two standard hinges of smaller size for the other bend closer to the headboard. The need for a car that can be used as a people carrier and a utility vehicle was proven over the time and, in 2018, Ford launched the Transit Connect with 7 seats at the Chicago Auto Show. I’m new to carpentry so I’ll be doing the bed and foldable couch myself. Battery – not sure about Ford offering a second battery, I use a secondary battery from GoalZero to power laptops, fans etc. It’s important to consider all these factors when deciding which way to go. One of our favorite things to do now while camping is to walk around and see everyone’s rigs. – The Verizon unlimited plan was just announced when we started and proved to be perfect for our needs. So I have had to rearrange some items in the van to make the drawers a bit lighter. She has traveled through 48 US states and writes about van life, camping and RV living. is a conversion company based in San Fransisco, California. I love this. This is awesome. Enjoy a 6-month prepaid subscription to SiriusXM All Access when you take delivery of your new Ford and see everything SiriusXM has to offer. For the van’s interior, we chose ½” Birch plywood for a good balance of price/durability and used basic 1-1½” wood screws and hardware. It’s an exciting time to embark on the van life, considering there are so many great vehicle options out there. This is a 2016 Ford Transit Connect Camper Van Conversion. Hi Matt, I was able to request a custom size from a futon company and they took a few inches off it for me. Hi Matt, sure thing. We received a wireless hotspot upon signup that worked well for the times when we didn’t want to drain our phone batteries. Première partie de l'aménagement du FORD TRANSIT Custom. … Thanks for checking out the post! I think it would be really neat to have a large board with a TV mount inside as well. I’m always looking for tweaks and new ideas and they can be hard to find. Welcome A/Z Plan Participant Now you can view exclusive price savings on our Build & Price shopping tool. Wear and Tear not included and may incur additional charges. My idea was to split it in to 4 slats so that I can slide it up and create kind of a bench seat and instead of a headboard, I was going to get a big enough board to mount a TV on to. We kicked it all off by framing the base of the front section under the headboard using short 4×4 posts. Our goal was to make sure the dimensions were right, so Josh flew out to visit me in Austin and we took exact measurements of the van interior. A DIY Ford Transit camper van conversion requires space and time. The van leaves enough space to load a mountain bike or other equipment. Next, we built the headboard and attached it with hinges to the base, followed by a second top layer that would act as a folding bench for the back seat. The features, formerly available by paid subscription, give … Mobile Share Value ("MSV"): Plans are retired. over two years living in a DIY camper van. I’ll send them over to you now. – We wanted storage underneath the bed with access from the two sliding side doors, back of the van, bed area, and the front. Followed by installing a single large wood board to make the top. Or do you have any pictures of the bench folded up? But the issue would then be where do two passengers sit while travelling. We went back and forth on the Wagon vs. the Cargo, and after we saw this post, we decided the wagon was totally doable and easier than building out the whole interior. ... Nous vous devoilons les premiers croquis de notre aménagement . It worked out to be quite comfortable but I would definitely not go any higher (for comforts sake). The Transit Connects come in two separate models: 1) passenger (wagon) version with two rows of removable seating and standard car interior finish and 2) a commercial (van) version which has minimal cabin hardware, no seats, and typically comes in white. I see that the vertical supports you used were 11″ but I need a little taller storage space under the bed. Good luck with your build and let me know how it turns out! This van build is minimalistic and perfect for a camping trip! Share some pics or a post when you get things set up. Thanks so much for sharing this. Update SYNC. The Ford Transit Connect is built off a Ford Focus platform. It’s an exciting time to embark on the van life, considering there are so many great vehicle options out there. I recently retired and have the time to explore We had considered driving one of our cars but the whole fantasy of #vanlife was on our mind. My van is a mess at the moment and in storage for a bit so I don’t have a handy picture of the bench up to show you. We like that it was built with adventure in mind. Hi. I’m the proud new owner of a Ford Transit Connect XLT that I plan to live in. How you install it, how you power it, I think your choices are limited. Once I’ve modified yours as a starting place, I’d be happy to re-share. Our plan would be to put a roof top tent on the top for two to sleep up there and then two can sleep inside the van. My plan calls for a three piece bed that converts to a bench. Here you can see an example of a sliding bed design when it’s folded out for sleeping. I had originally designed the right storage compartment to house my acoustic guitar and some small gear (I’m a very amateur singer-songwriter) but it turned out to be too narrow by a few inches to fit. – Keeping the standard passenger van insulation was fine for our needs since we planned to follow temperate weather at all times. October 15, 2019 - Ford has made its FordPass Connect connected vehicle services free. We then researched large vans commonly used for conversions, such as the Ford Econoline or GMC Safari. I really don’t think you would need a kickstand unless you really put some heavy items on there. Merci pour ces partagés et ces bonnes idées qui vont grandement inspirer l’aménagement de ma bête ! 1 Connect a vehicle to existing Mobile Share Value or Mobile Share Advantage Plan: Eligible vehicles and eligible consumer and individual responsibility users only. I plan to use some of your design ideas. We also love the spice rack and additional storage hooks on top. You choose from primary care dentists who are part of the DeltaCare USA DHMO network and pay pre-set copayments for services; there are no annual maximums or deductibles. We added a Rhino 550L Cargo Box up top which was perfect for storing a guitar and additional items, like seasonal clothing. Let me know if there is a particular aspect you want to know more about. We’ve been making some improvements on the way after some time on the road and we’re always trying to adjust our setup. Do you have the material list & dimensions for the lumber? Ford offers two dental plan options to choose from: Dental HMO coverage through DeltaCare ® USA , which is an HMO-type nationwide dental plan option. 4th 1.923 5th 1.446 6th 1.00 7th 0.747 8th 0.617 Reverse -2.96 Final drive ratio 3.8 SUSPENSION Front configuration Front independent … It’s also known for being very driveable, easy to maneuver, and repairs are inexpensive. I’m really excited to see this. If you are sharing your sketch up file, I would love to see that. Ask Ford. ISO-KIT insulation CONNECT L1 without side door: NO KIT FOR FORD CONNECT L1 WITH SIDE DOOR: EKI0110: ISO-KIT insulation CONNECT L2 with side door: EKI0111: ISO-KIT insulation CONNECT L2 without side door they’re easy to install, and they’ll help cool you down. But we are a family of four. Jaclyn is a photographer that travels to many events in her DIY Ford Transit Connect. J’ai mon Ford connect L2 depuis septembre dernier, la cloison est tombée et je cherchais sans trop d’espoir des conseils aménagement pour ce modèle tout récent et Miracle (!!!) All of the cushions and curtains are handmade. This picture shows how it looked after install. From there we built the two drawers for the back storage area. Hi Zachary, thanks for the comments. They also make excellent use of space by placing magnetic spice holders on the top portion of the back doors. I could also envision a modified front section near the headboard that would let you store much more gear there. FUEL CONSUMPTION . We had only evenings and weekends over a timespan of two weeks to finish it, so we ended up allotting about 25-30 hours of total labor. We’ve also seen our fair share of Sprinters that look amazing on the inside but were later circling busy streets in cities and towns looking for a suitable place to park. The design is well-organized and makes this tiny, compact camper look very spacious inside! Models are ready for render. Fuel consumption l/100km (mpg) Engine Power (PS) CO. 2 (g/km) Urban . Also, some dealers may choose not to participate in A/Z Plan pricing. Hi Keelan, unfortunately, I no longer have the sketchup files from this project or I would definitely share it! Address: Ford Motor Company, Customer Relationship Center, P.O. Hi Mike, I am really interested in your design. Ford United States. We hope this site can help you plan your next road trip. Monitor and control your vehicle - start and stop it, unlock from anywhere, see the nearest gas station, check fluid and fuel levels, find a parking spot in select cities and so much more. We’ve pulled together a wide range of clever DIY builds and professional up-fitters to give you a variety of layout and design ideas to design your own Ford Transit Connect. How can we help you? Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m curious if i can use that as design inspo for folding the platform/bed in half for times when we want to have the middle row of seats up…. We like that this build has a fan for ventilation, large counter space for cooking, and plenty of food storage underneath. If you have one of the SYNC Connect-enabled vehicles that allow you to take advantage of FordPass Connect services, then your vehicle is capable of becoming a Wi-Fi hotspot. You must have an active data plan that provides coverage to your Ford vehicle. Many new Ford cars, trucks and SUVs come with Ford SYNC® Connect powered by FordPass™. I have owned my Transit Connect for a few years now and I’ve been thinking of doing something like you’ve done, except with the middle bucket seats still in place for daily use… kind of modular / convertible. It all depends on your power source. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to access remote features such as locking and unlocking your doors, remote starting your vehicle and more. Can add to existing plan for additional $10 per month access charge. Power for 2 laptops, phones, and accessories that could last a few days between charges, Seating space for two when the back hatch is open, Enough extra storage to fit a guitar and extra seasonal clothing, Accessories and items to sleep comfortably in relatively temperate weather (32-75 degrees F). See Van Dimensions.. LB (Long Body Van) conversion length is 154″. There’s only 1″ difference in the vans floor length. For our needs, a micro-camper setup was ideal– it gives us adequate sleeping/storage space while still granting us the flexibility to park in any standard spaces. different builds inside the van. Are they pretty sturdy when pulled out? The build looks simple at first glance, but there is a built-in sink, plenty of drawer space, and the back doors have shelving units that fold down to maximize space. Hi Lance, With the bench seat folded up there is still access to the rear storage as the seat folds above the drawers themselves. This is great! Your email address will not be published. Hi! If you have the sketch design I would love if you could email it over,..please. The seller’s grandpa bought the van and converted it shortly after his wife passed away. How did you know where reliable secure points would be beneath the flooring? Looks like a standard futon is 54” while the width of the transit is only ~48”. In addition, some vehicles, trims or options you select may not qualify for A/Z Plans. But I’m not the smartest guy on the block, so let me say, “Good Luck”. Ford tuning specialist MS-RT has added some flair to the Transit Connect yet again, with this special R120 conversion. I. t’s amazing how far we’ve come and before we ever left town on our digital nomad we had one first, simple goal: we needed to get a van. Ford Transit Low Roof – Penthouse top option available for Low Roof RB and EB Transits. I didn’t have to rip out any flooring as the area under the second row of seats does have some exposed parts. Enjoy your build! If you’re looking for a compact camper van to convert that won’t cost an arm and a leg, the Ford Transit Connect is an excellent choice! We also love the mountain design on the backsplash of the countertops! 2020 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT For editorial use only. Camping. ABOUT US ago. – We planned to install a curtain to separate the main cab from the front cab, get a visor for the front windshield, and cut Reflectix window inserts for all of the back windows. We have been researching a quite similar project including a full size bed. So it was great to see what you’ve done here, and I appreciate the links to resources. A Ford Transit Connect comes with either a short-wheelbase (104.8 inches) or the long-wheelbase (120.6 inches) version. Also, can you simultaneously fold up the bench and fold down the head board without the mattress interfering? Works great now. Some items shown may be additional cost options — such as awnings, running boards, microwaves, and larger refrigerators. I am gearing up to get my own build going soon. 3D models of Ford Transit are available for download in FBX, OBJ, 3DS, C4D and other file formats for 23 software. Let us know what you think! These were the major phases of the project: There was other stuff to consider like kitchen space inside, solar, plumbing/sink, etc., but we decided to focus on cooking on fires or an electric griddle outside the van or use the kitchen facilities where we were staying. It looks like you ripped up some of the flooring for access points where the second row seats would be. With one long sliding drawer on the right, and a drawer-style refrigerator on the left you can travel with cold food without sacrificing space. MSV Overage Charges: 300MB at $20 per 300MB on a 300MB plan, or 1GB at $15 per GB. I have seen them install the A/C through the back window. Pics/Design – the pictures I have are all in the post already. We are Kate, Ian and Harper. Its suspension is not the greatest and the brakes can be squeaky on this model. In addition, some vehicles, trims or options you select may not qualify for A/Z Plans. I had a lot of great help from Shari King who led this construction–couldn’t have done it without her. We’ve pulled together a wide range of clever DIY builds and professional up-fitters to give you a variety of layout and design ideas to design your own Ford Transit Connect. This compact car is a fleet vehicle so it gets great gas mileage and spare parts are easy to find. If you want some ideas send over an email and we can follow up. I had considered it during an early version of my design. When you fold up the bench seat, do you have access to your storage in the back? … Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am-8:00pm EST Phone: +1-800-392-3673 For the hearing-or speech-impaired: Please contact the Telecommunications Relay Service by dialing 711. Ford is planning an all-electric Transit van that will hit the road in 2023, according to an inside source at Ford. One idea that you might want to consider is to leave the first row of passenger seats inside and build the bed structure as two parts so that you could fold the seats down when parked and lay a bed on top when you want to sleep. The exterior styling kit, which was revealed in 2019, is inspired by the Ford rally team. Note: A/Z Plan pricing information is not available on all Ford websites. These also consume a lot of gas and are just too big for our driving skills. Wherever your work takes you FORD TRANSIT CONNECT ACTIVE. We love the light colors, the unique layout of the bed, and pop-up shelves on the back doors. A cardboard mock-up helped us ensure what we designed would work. Any suggestions on having AC installed & minimal modifications made? Transit Connect Van L1 . With heavy-duty drawer slides, and collapsable L-brackets holding the backdoor countertops, every inch of space is useable. What does this setup look like when you flip up two seats in the back? Excellent design! The Ford Transit Connect … This time, however, the custom job is a bit more exclusive, with just 30 units up for grabs. I am selling my condo & hitting the road. I have seen it in a box in the interior, vented to the outside. Easy to maneuver, good gas mileage, and easy to find parts for repair all make it a nice adventure vehicle for the solo traveler or couple. Hi. We did varnish the wood to seal it and then added our futon. So it’s not built for too rugged of travel but great otherwise. Those are perfect for weekend camping trips! Or would that make it impossible to sit up in bed? We chose the lay flat design to maximize the sleeping area. Box 6248, Dearborn, MI 48126 Ford Canada I am thinking about using this design with a top on the drawers so they could be used to set a camping cook top and table. Joshua Thiede, a woodworker, graphic designer, and good friend of mine, created a design concept illustration in Google Sketch-Up using the published van storage dimensions from Ford. On the opposite side of the Connect is a storage space that houses an electric system powered by a Yeti solar generator. Hi Tom. This was great – we are considering a similar conversion. So, when we say older Ford, what we mean is 2010-2017 Ford vehicles that didn't come factory-equipped with a modem. Mike, I am trying to figure out how the rear bench folds up – do you have a photo of the bench? Our Ford Transit Connect conversion cost us less than $2500, about 30 hours of labor, and a whole lot of planning to get us there.

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